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OPPai-PaiTable of Content:00:00 - Unit Intro00:54 - Talent Detail01:52 - Anti-Red Ability03:24 - Talent Upgrades04:56 - Closing Statement06:18 - Cat Library.

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Cat Info. Compare all cats from The Battle Cats with My Gamatoto. From ubers to crazed and more, check out all their stats including range, damage, and abilities. Find out which are the best cats today!

The Battle Cats Red Alert ft. PaiPai DX / Stairway to Darkness SoL

Scurry on over to the Rare Capsule machine during this limited event for a chance to score one of the Busters and crush your crimson foes! Red Busters (レッドバスターズ reddo basutāzu) is one of the Rare Cat Capsule events in Battle Cats. This event contains anti-red Uber Rare Cats from other events. This event was added since January.

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Strategy/Usage []. Strike Unit R.E.I. is very well-balanced overall. She can be seen as the Pai-Pai of anti-Floating Cats, except with lower viability outside of her specialization.Take note of R.E.I.'s high speed and below-average range (for an Uber Rare Cat), as she can put herself in peril against long-ranged enemies like Le'noir or go ahead of your meatshields.

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Animations. Pai-Pai's attack animation. Pai-Pai Z's attack animation. Pai-Pai DX's attack animation.

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Pai-pai DX: level 43Roe cat: level 40Manic Island cat:33Island cat:20+78Bullet train cat: level 50The stage is all about defeating that professor A, when you.

Enter PaiPai DX!! (True Form & Talent Upgrades Information) [The

Yes you should keep pai pai.Next time you have a question on cats go to cat discussion thread. Ethanlac. •. YES. KEEP PAI-PAI. IF YOU USE HER YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ANY TROUBLE WITH RED ENEMIES AGAIN. KEEP, KEEP, KEEP. cat discussion thread. r/battlecats.

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Battle Cats Pai Pai & Updated Red Busters Gacha Advice! Pai Pai VS Red

Just a short review :D

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Pai Pai - Battle Cats. By. Kori-Z. Watch. Published: Jun 14, 2022. 55 Favourites. 1 Comment. 1.5K Views. buns chinese dynamic hair hammer ribbon white woman atmosphere bamboo chinesedress color cute digitaldrawing digitalillustration digitalpainting dynamicpose fanart forest girl green lighting paipai panda portrait sunlight sunny vividcolors.

PaiPai DX The Battle Cats YouTube

One of Pai-Pai's strengths being high movement speed is both a blessing and a curse. While it allows her to reach the frontline more quickly, Pai-Pai's attack isn't composed of backswing, meaning if an enemy gets knocked back while Pai-Pai is idle, she will invade into the enemies range and get hit. Pai-Pai's attack cycle is also not the.

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Pai Pai is a great uber, and you don't have anti-red ubers yet, and Pai-Pai is an amazing one against reds! It depends on what you struggle with. Pai Pai does do very well against reds. But Nurse is also a solid choice - and versatile at that, covering two enemy types at once.

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In my experience: REI is a lot worse than Windy and Catman (the obvious alternatives) as her long attack animation and time between attacks don't support her low range. Pai-Pai is better than Thundia and Drednot as she has the same range, similar DPS and a lot more survivability (well obviously Drednot's better for Zombies).

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Massive area attack damage and resistance to red enemies, there's almost no enemy she cannot face :0 Enjoy the video? Subscribe!

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Pai-Pai is an Uber Rare Cat that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule during the Red Busters event. She was added in Version 5.3. True Form added in Version 10.0 improves her attack rate and replaces Resistant with Insanely Tough. Talents were added in Version 10.1.