Cold nights & city lights Winnipeg

WATCH Northern Lights in downtown Winnipeg Winnipeg

Manitoba Hydro working to fix purple street lights in Winnipeg. 00:25 | September 13, 2021. City still fixing purple streetlights. 00:44 | May 2, 2023.

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The City of Winnipeg is working to replace defective street lights that are casting a purple glow on city streets; however, it's run into some supply issues.

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David Beron, of RAB Design Lighting, in Etobicoke, Ont., says the blue or purple colour showing through the defective street lights is the actual colour of the LEDs.

Cold nights & city lights Winnipeg

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A light too bright? Winnipeggers worry about Hydro's conversion to LED

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33 [deleted] • 2 yr. ago asdlkf • 2 yr. ago It's a bad batch of LEDs. Call manitoba hydro and tell them the locations and they'll come replace the lamps. That_Wpg_Guy • 2 yr. ago It's mood lighting. Go take a drive down Wellington by 529 and the whole strip is a majestic shade of blueish. fauxbourdon • 2 yr. ago

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Waverley West Light replacements have been happening in Southwest Winnipeg since last year. This is an ongoing project as Manitoba Hydro continue to have more lights failing daily.

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"There's a phosphor coating on the LED that gives it the right colour — when the coating comes off, or delaminates, it changes the colour of the light," he explains, adding the costs of fixing.

WATCH Northern Lights in downtown Winnipeg Winnipeg

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Home What's up with purple street lights? How our system works What's up with purple street lights? What causes street lights to turn purple and what is Manitoba Hydro doing about it? November 1, 2022 This article was published in November 2022 and may be outdated. A lot of people ask us about odd-coloured street lights.

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9 analgesic1986 • 8 mo. ago It's like a war and purple is winning haha 1 Burningdust • 8 mo. ago It was the greatest thing to start happening during the pandemic. For the first time ever streets were lit by blacklight (ish) like a random dance club. It's been creating a really unique ambiance here and there.

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Hey there, time traveller! This article was published 01/05/2023 (228 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current. Defective street lights in Winnipeg appear set to cast a purple.

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9 [deleted] • 1 yr. ago [removed] poopendale • 1 yr. ago It's a defect in the bulb 15 [deleted] • 1 yr. ago Idk but can we keep them plz? nykoftime • 1 yr. ago Aliens, or Nygard's revenge. You decide. 12 xLoyalwolfyx • 1 yr. ago ALIENSSSSSSSS 👽 beardsnbourbon • 1 yr. ago Why can't it be both?! nykoftime • 1 yr. ago Nygard could be an alien. 🤷

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Out of the blue, white street lights are taking on a purplish hue. Hundreds of bulbs across Winnipeg have changed shades in recent months, sparking questions about driver and pedestrian.

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